The film “No Impact Man” documented the one-year quest of a family of three to make choices that left a good impact on or did not impair the environment. The part of the movie that I felt compelling was how the media, particularly talk show hosts, responded to Colin, the person known as “No Impact Man”. […]

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Ways we can transform ourselves by redefining health and our approach

In “Health is Membership,” many metaphors related by Berry explained the separation that exists in modern times between organic, natural ways, and mechanic, abstract procedures of maintaining health. The paragraph that begins with, “In the world of love, things separated by efficiency and specialization strive to come back together.” is an example of how the role […]

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Confident pluralism

In the piece, “Across the Great Divides: Why America Needs a More Confident Pluralism,” John Inazu describes a real example of individuals demonstrating their ability to set aside their differences and work together, in the third paragraph of the section titled “Enacting Confident Pluralism.” It stood out to me because I don’t hear about or […]

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Reminiscing local culture

In Berry’s short story, “Sold,” the character Beulah Cordle Gibbs recounts the most recent place of dwelling that she and her husband Grover stayed in and owned (paragraph 31; middle of the article). Compared to the previous places in which they made a living from sharecropping, living in a home they owned felt more permanent and grounded. […]

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How does one truly fit in the context of the local community? What is their place?

A common theme that relates to the social problems we are having today is the question of whether people in a community are truly connected and willing to try hard enough to support one another. In the film “The Overnighters,” a pastor attempts to help people get assimilated into his community by providing food, shelter, and […]

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